Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bye Hillary - Hello Chuck

Well, She's quite the fighter! Hillary Clinton. She really put in the best effort in the race for the White House. I think we can all give our ex-first lady a collective hug!
I urge every American reading this to google 'Chuck Baldwin' & 'Constitution Party' (Chuck Baldwin is the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party). People have been saying we need a Third Party in America, and the Constitution Party is it! They are the next largest party, and many people are turning to them. People are tired of big corrupt money running the show! The people at the Constitution Party are genuine average Americans that know right from wrong. Principled people that understand things don't have to be so discombobulated, because the use of universal 'Principles' of right & wrong do exist, and are not as has been taught in our public schools, all things 'just relative'.
I Urge Everyone to see that Their State has ballot access for the Constitution Party and please contribute to the party and Chuck's campaign.