Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grade Card for Condoleezza

Condoleezza Rice, in my opinion (like the Bush2 Presidency in General) has been a Failure at her Important Jobs. First off as 'National Security Advisor', she never advised the nation on the unsecured state of security prior to 9/11. I understand she was some kind of Russia expert back in the day. Now she is talking down to the only nation on the planet that can annihilate the U.S. with the push of a few buttons. Real smart. Like we can dictate to them like they are elementary-school kids. Why were we pushing those buffer-nations (like Georgia) to come over to the west anyhow? Was that Condee's doing? To what purpose? We are in a Strategic Partnership of Death with Russia, regardless of who their current leaders are. We need to be honoring them, making peace with them, not every little nation on their fringe. They were our ally in the Great War II; They have build the Space Station with us; They sold us Alaska for heavens sake. They are the only ones that can eliminate the threat of Nuclear Weapons with us. We ought to feel fortunate that we have a friend like Russia in this World! Sure we have to stand-up for Democracy and Freedom, but not by beating nations on the head for it. Live and Let Live. War costs Way Too Much!