Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dateline: 01September2008

It is so comical watching the Republican Party dance around as if to avoid or thinking they are going to put the American voter out of mind of what President Bush didn't do to help the 100,000 Americans trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Pres. Bush DID, sit on his hands! When he could have marshaled buses to be sent in. And also the Republican Administration DID try to Ban the Media from reporting the 1000 dead-bodies found, (just as they are now getting away with to cover-up their failures in the current wars they think will save their wealth). Carrying on like they really care about the citizens in the path of this new Hurricane Gustav, which so 'inconveniently' creates a reminder by making landfall on the first scheduled day of the National Convention. So the Reminder won't be too Great, they are cancelling the first day and now gushing with compassion. It's funny, but sad in a way!