Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Arizona and the other Border States at the behest of Our Federal Government serve as a 'floodgate' for non-Americans entering from Mexico. Hooray for Arizona for Creating Legislation and Standing against this onslaught. The Congress in Washington is controlled by the Wealthy who only want more and more CHEAP LABOR, which is undercutting Americans who only want to support their families with a Living Wage. Also, the National Media is controlled by the same Wealthy Class, so very seldom will a report get through in favor of stopping this spanish land invasion. Most all we hear is "the poor Mexicans in our Country are being sooo harassed." We All Know in Mexico, that the Police, Judges and Civilians are Murdered Routinely by organized criminals. This type of thing is now spilling over into the United States. We can have immigration, but it's got to be by Law and Orderly. No Overwhelming Mexican Chaos for US ...UNITED WE STAND -- DIVIDED WE FALL.