Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad Choice for Supreme Court

According to Pew Research, 51 percent of Americans are Protestant. With the retirement of Justice Stevens, there are No More Protestants on the high court. For a Majority of Americans, their Religion is not represented upon the highest court in the land! However, less than 2 percent of Americans hold the Jewish faith, but in the event that Kagan is added to the Court, that religion will comprise 33 percent of the Justices. In Our Society 24 percent are Catholic, on the present Court, 67 percent hold that life view. What Really Gives?? As well, with all the talk of support coming from the Democratic Party for 13 percent of Americans, who are Veterans, none is seen in Pres. Obama's pick! The retiring Stevens is the sole Veteran on the High Court. Veterans Should Demand that a Veteran replace a Veteran. Only Veterans are Aware of a Very Important Side of American Life. Now their May Be No One on the Court who has this Understanding!