Thursday, November 25, 2010

new math for our college graduates

The Big Ten has lost its Mind! How in the world do they name Wisconsin as Champion over Michigan State? I'm a Missouri Fan, so I don't have a dog in this race. But let's look straight at the FACTS. Michigan State has a top in-conference record and which includes a "WIN OVER" Wisconsin 34-24. Does that game mean nothing. Does that extra touchdown and field goal NOT EXIST?? As Well, Michigan State is obviously better than Ohio State as Wisconsin beat them 31-18. So what type of "MANIAC" would rate those two teams ABOVE Michigan State?????? THIS KIND OF LIE - IS UN AMERICAN. WHY ROB THESE YOUNG ATHLETES AT MICHIGAN STATE THAT HAVE OBVIOUSLY WORKED HARDER AT THE GAME OF FOOTBALL THAN THOSE AT WISCONSIN! IT'S NOT APPLE PIE, NOT HOT DOGS OR FIREWORKS! IT'S AKIN TO VOTE FRAUD, OR SENDING AN INNOCENT PERSON TO PRISON. IT IS UPSIDE DOWN AND CAN ONLY RESULT IN SOME KIND OF VIOLENCE. What a 'Three-Way' Tie Implies is Mich.St. beats Wisc., Wisc. beats Ohio St. AND Ohio St. beats Mich.St. However Mich. St. didn't meet Ohio St. this season, so the finish is One - Two - Three as described above.