Monday, March 28, 2011

Reason for the Season

The uprisings in the Arab world are good.  They show that we are winning the 'War On Terror'.
The event that started in 1776 at Philadelphia like a Tsunami has finally reached the shores of the mid-east.  What is written in the Declaration of Independence, these People know and are acting upon, because they have been living under tyranny their entire lives.
The events in Libya show that the U.S. and the free-world are doing what they can to help the transition in this part of the world.
Once Liberated, and these People achieve Freedom of Religion  (*we should seek changes in the Constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan or Withdraw Immediately, because those nations do not have Freedom Of Religion in their Constitutions)  and the other Human Rights, they will through Elected Governments stop within their own midst terrorists from gaining foothold, and as well present a much more favorable disposition to the Jewish State which has been a democratic-state since it's creation. These Dictatorial States have been the ones that have instigated and cultured the bigoted side of Islam against the reborn Israel.
To the remaining dictators of the mid-east I say:  Schedule elections for the People, lift your police-state abuses, agree to step-down and not run for office as free and fair elections replace you.  Otherwise the People will pull your bloody regime apart fistful by fistful.  This is not Israel or America doing this to you, but the need of every person everywhere to live free to choose for themselves!