Friday, March 04, 2011

The Tennis Game

What do the Republicans think they are pushing for now?  The ball is in their court to give up something not the Democrats.  After all, how soon they forget that tax reprieve for the rich.  Now they need to give up something!
Either way, all the Social Security and Medicare will have to come under Means-Testing!  Everyone would still pay into the Social Security System and the cap on high earnings lifted!  Come retirement time if anyone hasn't money worries going in, they'll not need a government check coming from the U.S. Treasury or their medical paid by Uncle Sam.  When we hear about Entitlements, this is where the drain is coming from.  Well-enough-off Americans receiving government checks! 
Medicaid is already Means-Tested.  There is no logical sense cutting into that.  Those who can't find a job with a living-wage use it.  The same folks that wouldn't be much good at paying off the Republicans Wars!