Wednesday, March 28, 2012


First of All Let It Be Clear:    If, (under Roe v. Wade, which needs to be overturned) Someone wants to Kill their Baby, then they are going to have to pay for IT themselves!  Don't expect the Taxpayers to pick up the TAB!!
I personally believe that Human Life begins upon implantation in the Uterus, like an acorn doesn't become a Tree until planted in the soil.  However there are lots of Americans that have Religious Beliefs that differ from this, and They Will Not Suffer Under Such a Scheme, but hold forth their First Amendment Religious Right to Not Share in the Killing of what they feel is Sacred following the Payment of Their Taxes !
Proceeding beyond that Juncture:
If Our 'Representative' Government which is Commissioned by the Supreme Law to Provide for the General Welfare of The Citizens, requires another Tax or Fee Payment for a Provided Health Care Service, then that is entirely Constitutional.
When considering today that many millions of Americans including young students and those between employments, have zero options to acquire needed health treatments, then Any Improvements in Our Law is Beneficial !!  Yet Take note; giving the power of Life (health care) and  Death (denial of health care) to a Government is fine, as long as the Government is an Honest One .  We will have to have a Revolution if anything else becomes the case.
It Would Also be Ideal if Legislation Might be Created ensuring Dental Care for the lowest income Citizens and for theVeterans, which is not provided now in their health care system.  Also We should Proscribe that not only Health Maintenance follow an American throughout Life, but as well Ones Acquired Yearly Vacation Time Staying with that Person when moving from Job to Job !
       {That's All I Have To Say About This!}