Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Last Word on Picture ID Voting {click here for related article}

Picture ID for Voting????????
                                                  Well, if a person has to pay the State to buy the ID,  that is clearly Unconstitutional.   There ought never be a charge for voting!! However, if the State is providing a free Picture ID to registered voters who do not already possess a Driver's Licence than that is 'another matter'.  
 What would make the best sense off the bat, would be that the 'County Clerks' all across the nation be scrutinized that they are NOT registering ILLEGALS to vote in the United States.
      Actually having persons register with the County Clerk and at the Division of Motor Vehicles Office is a Double Check that Only Legal Citizens are Voting in Our Elections!  It's a Good Idea!! 
   WE should use Driver Licence Picture Check or 'Free' State Picture ID for non-drivers Check at ALL POLLING LOCATIONS !!!
(However, WE must not be giving out Divers Licences to Illegal Aliens !!!!)
    I am opposed to Voter-Registrations outside of the County Clerks Offices for able-bodied persons.  If someone doesn't care enough about their Franchise Freedoms to not take the effort to go into their local County Clerks Office and the DMV(they are all disabled-accessed now), then they are probably not going to even take the time to research their vote ahead of time either!
  Mass Registration events can easily lead to VOTE FRAUD!  I am also opposed to multiple-day voting which will lead to Vote Fraud! 
As well I'm opposed to Americans having their vote counted, who have left the United States and are living permanently in another Country.  
      The  MOST SHAMEFUL ACTIONS of this current Debate, are those of the NAACP!  Skipping Our Own Court System they are taking these Purely American Decisions to the  DASTARDLY   United Nations   Human Rights Council, which is Run By Bloody-Dictators from the World Over! ....  HOW DEPRAVED !   

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