Monday, June 10, 2013

About the IRS spending-

money to enthuse it's employees, what $40 billion a year industry doesn't do that kind of thing.(and also considering ALL the TAX DODGERS they have to deal with) I've worked at much smaller operations that did events for the employees --- So BIG DEAL !~! What I want to see is Somebody Going to JAIL for Targeting Individuals or Groups. That's not the role of a United States Government Agency!!!!

As regards the Sexual Harassment in the Military.....That sort of thing could be seen coming way back down the road. Whenever you load lots of Women in with lots of Men (and now Homos too), some serious things might be happening -no doubt. However, I believe and it has happened to me that when a man happens to look at a female sideways or maybe asks for a date possibly awkwardly, quite a few of them Scream Harassment. Give Women the Power to Scream Harassment and they will abuse that power nine times out of ten!

All of This is Non-Conducive to an Effective Fighting Force !