Thursday, June 27, 2013


        Junk Mail (all manner of commercial mailings going to a residence) is a REAL PROBLEM for ALL Americans! Not only does it contribute grossly to the degradation of the environment by the constant destruction of Forests for paper production which has an effect on climate-change. Then consider the waste as the vast majority of it goes into a landfill.

The amount of clutter brought into the home via the US- mailbox is astounding! Retail & Grocery Fliers of seventeen pages twice a week and numerous letter appeals for donations and credit offers, etc.

The fire hazard due to paper clutter is increased 65% to the average home. I don't know how Elderly People living alone even deal with it?

LEGISLATION MUST BE ENACTED so that Every piece of Commercial Mailing that lands in Someones Home or Business Mailbox should have a Code on it and an Internet Address / 800# that may be used if the Residents Choose, to require discontinuance of delivery to that mailbox!