Thursday, May 12, 2016


So Paul Ryan and other 'Tea-Party' Republicans want Mr. Trump to Kow-Tow to them ?      Well the American Electorate that elected those Republicans to Congress have 'Moved-On' and now are Excited about the Things that Mr. Trump have espoused Over Seventeen Other Republican 'Leaders' that RAN FOR PRESIDENT.  
   He has said things which both BigTent Parties have Ignored for years which The People have been Yelling About at the Top of Their Lungs for Years.... Once in D.C. for some reason they are in a Cone of Silence.      One of these things is that the American People have NOT wanted
their Southern Border porous and Spanish Speakers pouring in and taking Jobs of Every Kind and the Federal Benefits which ought to be reserved for Real American Citizens!
  The American People also want the National Debt reduced Legally. 
   The American People want Good Relations with the Nation of Israel, not it's worst enemy Iran !
    The American People want Social Security and other Helps
there for Themselves and Their Children. 
     The American People want Money Taken Out of Politics.... The Government Funding of Campaigns, so Any American or Issue on the Ballot gets a
Level Platform.
    The Deal IS  the PEOPLE have Realized that these 'Tea-Partiers' have just been another Group that has Lied to Them and Once in the
Seats of Congress
begin sitting on their hands !   
In the last two years more Americans have become poorer and the highly rich which the Tea-Partiers protect have become wealthier !  They need to begin packing their houses for leaving The District of Columbia!
    Donald is his Own Man.  Hopefully
the 'Body Snatchers' in D.C. won't Reach Him  !!!!!!!!