Thursday, May 26, 2016

Albuquerque Riot

This is what happens when our Government has allowed the Third World to just walk into the United States; even when the vast majority of Americans have been saying No No No for years on end.  Both Parties in D.C. have been with the wink and nod saying Come On In !
Donald Trump was the only Candidate saying
'No mas' !   All other Candidates are Establishment!
Of course Illegal Latinos may not Vote Here; and among the Corrupt Governments below the Border the basic way of Changing Government has been via Rioting Demonstrations! Just as they did in Albuquerque.
Don't be Ignorant. Mr. Trump didn't say every Latino is a Rapist, only that there are Rapists
and other Criminals mixed in all those walking into the USA.
Just like the Dollars the Albuquerque Police had to expend, Illegals are costing Our Nation Large amounts of money when we are the Biggest Debtor Nation in the World already !
Shooting to Kill Intruders, where Walls are Ineffective, will be the only Effective way to restore Order and Integrity for the United States.