Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judge Gorsuch is a Real Fake and Jerk

He should not be Voted the Next Supreme Court Justice !    Today He Clearly stated he would not Over-Rule Roe v Wade.    He has a Fence Post stuck so far up his Ass, Splinters and All !   He is not answering the questions at his Hearing Straight forward, rather he is Spinning this way then the Other.  He is NOT HONEST.   He is Answering only what he thinks the
Asking Senator wants to hear !     So far today he has Fakingly dodged questions on Torture and the Second Amendment.       We as a Nation must NOT Hire a Judge that has No Expiration Date, who cannot Honesty State His True Positions.  There may well be neutral and honest Justices.  He isn't honest !   He is totally Off-the-Wall and Lying in saying there are no Republican or Democratic Judges.   We do not want a YES Man for this or any other President !   
We do not  want another Justice Kennedy
when the People want and expect another
Antonin Scalia,
Clarence Thomas, or Samuel Alito !