Monday, March 20, 2017

I thought the CIA is responsible for all Non-Domestic Intel and the FBI for all Domestic Criminal Activities.

While I'm listening to
Federal Bureau of 'Monitoring'
Director J. Comey speak to the House Committee, it occurs to me that those in the Hierarchy of the Russian Government, including Vladimir Putin, do not have the Right to Vote in U.S. Elections unlike other
foreigners which the Obama Administration and Democratic Party has allowed to Vote
and pushed very hard for!
   The American People do however have the Vote, and Gave President Trump
a Clear Victory
by Our Constitutional Means !!   
All the Facts and Questions of the 2016 Presidential Race were covered Extensively by all the Media Outlets that wanted to, Uninhibited thanks to Our
Freedom of The Press.  It was all done On-Time per Schedule.
Nothing was left Undone !   The Voters had All the Information on Election Day and Made Their Choice !!  Undeniably !!!!
        It's time to Retire the under-inflated 'Sacred Football', passed around since 1946 by Congress-Persons,
Democrats and Republicans.  
 That is the Big Bad Boogie Man - USSR/RUSSIA.