Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Well,  James Comey should be Fired, and Replaced by President Trump.   
He has proven to be an Obama Lackey.
                                   Susan Rice has Spied on US American Citizens and Thrown the Fourth Amendment in the Garbage; WE know is
a FACT.     I want a List of Whom and When was Spied upon !      Are You on the List ?  Am I ?     Full Punishment must be Dealt Out, following this Thread of Legitimate Investigation !        ONLY when Criminals are brought to a
'Just Penalty' Stage, do they begin Fingering those Above Them
in the Criminal Enterprise !  
Justice is Never Justice unless
the Guilty are Punished !     AND
No Bribes Taken !     
           This gives a Warning to Others
       NOT to do the Same in the Future !