Sunday, April 23, 2017

Things We Bring Upon Ourselves As A Society

First it was the Asian-Heritage Doctor who refused to leave the Aircraft after being told to by United Airlines and had to be dragged off by Deputies.  It was videoed by a Passenger and another Passenger was all Hysterical, crying about 'Her God', 'Her God', 'Oh Her God'.    If that Woman hadn't been present, I doubt if the incident would have been such a big deal on the News.
 You know We as Individuals can't Fly a Big Jet by Ourselves to our various destinations, so just realize We do Need to cooperate with the Companies that are in that Business. We do that by Choice and a Transaction which has Stipulations!
  So everyone was Outraged, including News Hosts like Bill O'Reilly whom should of exhibited more Logical Sense.  But the major News Empires seem to only care about having Anything to Talk About.
So all the idiots in our nation began saying, this Doctor's going to Sue and Come Away much Richer.
    A few days later we see a Couple abandoning their agreed-to Seating on an Airline and flopping down in unoccupied First Class Seats, then begin to make a 'Scene' when ask to move back to the proper seats.   They eventually get some kind of Accommodation from the Airline.  
I'm thinking these People are 'Gold-Seekers', and planned their maneuver for financial profit only.   'Truth is the victim here'.  And most of Society is going along with it !?   Have You been thinking it is 1849 all over again and have starting planning Your Airline Mishap?
      If so, You are a true 'Bottom-Feeder' !
  This last one which only happened a few days back; and involved deeper planning and more actors to split the Suings !     Ok, this is how it was Laid Down in My View!     The Lady pretended to need assistance from the Airlines Male Flight Attendant as he walked by.   Then pretended that he was being careless and heartless as he helped the baby-holding Mom get the Stroller from the Overhead.  She pretended to be Hit in the Head by the 'Careless' Flight Attendant and started immediately holding her head with one hand and making a scene by 'Crying' also.  It looks like she is intentionally crossing her eyes to appear totally injured.
Two Others were in on this scam:  the Videotagrapher (whom we will have in all this type of New Scams) and the Outraged Bystander to Inflame the Drama !      If all this doesn't effect them a monetary advance, She may sue the Airline for disallowing a double-wide stroller on the plane for travelers with multiple children.
If not recognized these Frauds will spread toward Other Businesses,
destroying our economy and society. 
    Apathy and Me-First in Citizens can Destroy a Nation!
  Maybe it's part of the Bleeding Heart/Snowflake/Zombie generation?
I'm writing this in order to get the best lowest price when I fly.   Not a higher price to fly because I have to pay for these Pay-Outs to Con Artists or higher Insurance Costs of the Airlines to cover such scams.    
       The 'Get the Big Guy' Lawsuits usually result in
                      the  'Getting' of Everyone Else Equally.