Tuesday, May 02, 2017

H NO to Trump's Big Tax Cut for Himself. > Big Deficits for the rest of US

image from: pbs.org
image from: yesmagazine.org
                                                               DT won't tell US what he's paid the last ten years, and he's not going to tell US how much LESS he intends to pay the next Ten with his 'Tax Plan'.
He's definitely NOT WORKING on the DEBT ->
              $20 000 000 000 000.
            When IT hits Bottom, the Poor will be Crushed First.

          Government Shutdown ?:   What happens to all the People that are receiving any type of Social Security?  
 They won't be able to pay their rent, utilities, put gasoline in their cars, on & on.           Resulting in a major meltdown in the economy !
                                         Just go through all the Cabinet Departments and rip
all the unnecessary, worthless expenditures out of the Budget!
                  The richest Americans should pay income tax of 38% with NO deductions, shelters, loopholes, or any kind of Offsets on every kind of Income including Inheritance, and Capital Gains!     The poorest Americans ought to pay 1% on their yearly incomes including
Social Security, etc.    I'm tired of hearing  that the poor pay nothing!     
             So that's 38 Income Tax Brackets, evenly spaced !
     -No Corporate Taxes, or any kind of Tax on any Business Enterprise.    
          Eliminate all Sales or Vat Taxes. 
                                  They are Regressive!      
    Put Tariff Tax on every import that has
some kind of 'Defense' Use !    So that We
     will build up Our Own Defense Industries !