Saturday, March 13, 2010

HIGHLY ASHAMED FOR BRITAIN {click on this title for the news-link

Freedom of Speech has been quite dead in Britain for some time now, where it's a crime to say anything if, homosexuality or special preference to certain religions over others doesn't sit right with you. Now that motherland of the English language is putting itself in the business of telling Political Parties what they may say and do, and further directly trying to close them down through fines. I don't agree with views that have racism at it's heart (yet these people of the BNP are not skin-heads but just wish to see Britain's heritage remain intact), however what's worst is disallowing 'Free' Discourse and Organization among the Citizens before their vote. That is only one thing: The Sprout of Dictatorship! What would Churchill have said about it, and those that sat in the subways sixty-nine years ago while the bombs dropped outside?