Friday, March 26, 2010


I can't see how this U.S. President, Obama is at all 'for' the low income people of America. When you think of the Democratic Party, these are the politicians that ought to represent the huddled masses. In actuality the poor themselves are not allowed in the halls of power. In practice they are shut out of the political process and must depend on the charity of well off 'Democrats'. They may have heart and they may have soul, but no money to represent themselves in this Republic. Without their own real representation, they are kept under someone Else's foot in this land of the free.[for a solution to this, read my blog entry of Monday October 26, 2009 - 'Public Sponsored Election Campaigns'] The main point of today's blog however is this: This President has done more to 'Bail Out' the rich than any other President Ever! Now today on the news I hear he wants to 'Bail Out' persons who were able to go out and purchased one of these brand spanking new-jumbo homes! Who will eventually pay for this imbecilic idea? Not the purchaser with a free mind, that probably had a good living-wage at the time, yet knew that a brand new house was more than their budget would allow. While other Americans are living under bridges or in near-shacks, this 'Democratic' President wants again to bail out those who 'can make' such purchases. The people that will pay will be the poorest that will be squeezed by the inflation caused by Obama's massive deficit spending on the likes of AIG, General Motors, and those who keep on living in luxurious homes and NOT paying the Price! I can see helping low-income persons that bought a previously-owned home and were conned by hidden balloon payments , But PLEASE let's Not do THIS!!!