Monday, March 22, 2010

What Happened to Stupid I mean Stupak

Representative Stupak will now be known as Representative Stupid, for bowing to the baby killers when he and his little squad of traitors to the cause of Life not Death, could of held their ground and forced the re offering of the vary same Health Bill without the taxpayer funded abortion language he had rightly insisted was in there. The President now will probably turn around and with a chuckle do the exact opposite of enforcing the Hyde amendment, or some gay- baby-killing-judge will with a wink and a nod undo any executive order the president disdains of making. This is a list of the Democratic House members that voted no, and our Real American Heros! John Adler (NJ) Jason Altmire (PA) Brian Baird (WA) John Barrow (GA) John Boccieri (OH) Dan Boren (OK) Rick Boucher (VA) Allen Boyd (FL) Bobby Bright (AL) Ben Chandler (KT) Travis Childers (MS) Artur Davis (AL) Lincoln Davis (TN) Chet Edwards (TX) Bart Gordon (TN) Parker Griffith (AL) Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD) Tim Holden (PA) Larry Kissell (NC) Suzanne Kosmas (FL) Frank Kratovil (MD) Dennis Kucinich (OH) Jim Marshall (GA) Betsy Markey (CO) Eric Massa (NY) Jim Matheson(UT) Mike McIntyre (NC) Michael McMahon (NY) Charlie Melancon (LA) Walt Minnick (ID) Scott Murphy (NY) Glenn Nye (VA) Collin Peterson (MN) Mike Ross (AR) Heath Shuler (NC) Ike Skelton (MO) John Tanner (TN) Gene Taylor (MS) Harry Teague (NM) ! THESE ARE THE TRAITORS TO KICK OUT OF CONGRESS ! > Bart Stupak (MI) Marcy Kaptur (OH) Kathy Dahlkemper (PA) Nick Rahall (WV) Alan Mollohan (WV) Steve Driehaus (OH) Joe Donnelly (IN) !