Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cause of Societal Unrest

I can't say for sure, but I bet the young man that shot the congress-woman and killed bystanders in Arizona was a Child that never was spanked, and more than likely was put on Ritalin or another affect-altering drug. This societal phenomenon is the cause behind most of these mass killings we are asking ourselves as a nation the reason for, along with the lack of implementation of the death penalty, which I've explained in the last posting. It is not the fault of a gun or ammunition, which are inanimate objects that have no decision-making ability of their own. It is not the Right of Free Expression and Political Debate which were hard won and passed down these hundreds of years to us, as some are trying to insinuate, that makes one or more criminal minds explode. To do wrong is entirely within the mind of that person regardless of anything anyone else says or does. The enemies of Freedom would always like to find a fabrication to try and shut down truth, competition, and justice going forth, so they will say political debate is the cause of societal unrest. Lies, Lies, damn Lies.