Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Required of the United States Internationally

If I were President of the U.S., in regard to the situation currently in Egypt, I would order a select large organization within the State Department and Military which could respond in these situations where a nation is teetering on the edge of chaos or freedom. A strike force , so to say, which could move and give aid at solidifying the foundation of Democracy, organizing the different parties involved, advising on elections, etc. (West Point and other War Colleges should be teaching Constitution-Building for the General, in the mode of General MacArthur at Japan) Pres. Bush, and now Obama failed in Iraq and Afghanistan where Freedom of Religion was not set as an equal priority in those Constitutions. Dominance was given to one religion. Doing nothing will result in continued dissatisfaction within the People that have risen-up for Liberty, and give the present Strong-Man time to continue suppression over the nation, which in the end will not benefit the United States at all. With and by the consent of the forces which are in the nation, the regime and the opposition masses, this work ought to be done. By taking a no non-sense, realistic approach, Freedom for more of the Earth's People will Prevail. After all, these principles are what the United States was founded on, and It continues to Spread.