Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're not buying into your constant brain-washing tactic :msnbc

Well have you seen it too? The Liberal news media, MSNBC, closely followed by some at CNN have been viciously attacking Sarah Palin. Ever since the schizophrenic man in Arizona killed six, they have all but said Sarah handed him six bullets one at a time. The 'Target' political ads had actually been started years ago by Democratic Politicians, but that didn't keep them from pointing fingers at Sarah. They are entirely afraid of her being possibly elected the first Woman President (and a Godly/pretty one at that). The left thinks that is their territory, with their years of work degrading men and women alike with their Women's Lib stuff. They are shaking in their boots, otherwise they wouldn't be on the attack mode as they are. They are doing the exact opposite of what they have suggested in toning down hyper-rhetoric. Really all they can do is attack because the left has no record of finding solutions, and their view of reality is why off center to say the least! Pres. Obama does need to be one term! He is too left-radical for America! God help us find the best person for the job, weather that's Palin or another. I'm a new 'social-conservative' Democrat, taking back the Democratic Party and the Nation for Common Sense and the Common Person.