Friday, September 19, 2008


NO THANKS, Mr. President. We, the American People cannot stand anymore of your good ideas! Just be a good boy and stay in the White House and talk to no one and sign nothing until Barrack Obama shows up to relieve you of your mental strain! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPEND ANYMORE MONEY! THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER TO THE ECONOMIC WOES YOU HELPED PROPAGATE, WITH YOUR SILVER SPOON AND THINKING MONEY GROWS ON TREES AND SPENDING ON YOUR UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR! ABSOLUTELY NO TO A BAILOUT TO THE HOME LENDERS, ETC. THE PROBLEM WITH OUR ECONOMY IS THE EXTENSIVE NATIONAL DEBT PERIOD! ADDING AGAIN TO THAT IS ONLY THROWING GASOLINE ON THE FIRE! The mortgage issue is NOT what is causing the problems in the economy, it is only one of the first of a series of symptoms which we will continue to see until the national debt is lowered substantially! Labeling it as such is only a cop-out and a cover-up until these Republicans can slink out of town to their ivory towers with their pockets loaded with filthy lucre. The Americans that are blessed and have benefited from our society and are well off (meaning that they have no worries going into retirement) are going to have to PAY Their FAIR SHARE in this crunch!! Otherwise there will be no hope for America. All the lower class put together doesn't have enough money for taxes to pull us out of a 'Great'er Depression'. They weren't payed a living wage.