Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ultimate plan, Read Here.

Bush is trying with this scary proposal - "bailout". To bailout without guilt, because of what he's already done to the economy, by his completely sloppy war efforts and adding trillions to the Debt. So he is trying to add guilt to the people by saying , 'Well the people added that last 700 Billion, so you know it wasn't all my fault'. He doesn't want the screen-door to hit him on his way out, so he is propping it open with this huge compliance effort of his. This is another Y2k thing. Calmer heads prevailed then. Jumping into this fire is like going to the doctor before you're sick, or guessing what's wrong with a car and adding expensive parts onto it. I'm just a below-average joe, but common sense has got to win the day. #1 whether you're a nation, individual, or family, there is no way you can go on infinitum spending more than you take in. I hear these 'experts' say "we want to put things back like they have been". Well Dah, We have been spending into debt for way too long, that's why we are in this situation now. And, they want to get it back just like it was, where they can siphon off other peoples money when and where they want. #2 If this Debt is passed (bailout plan- fall 2008), I predict, our government will be back by August 2009 saying we need 1400-Billion more in fiat money(what their not telling us is that we'd be Borrowing this extra bread from China, the ones that called us 'running dogs'). #3 OK, just like in the Y2K scare I knew our nation had very many savvy computer people. Today without going into further Debt (Debt is what is pushing us into a corner we can't get out of), I know there are very many savvy people in our economy. Savvy street (Wall) people that are not going to let our nation fall into the abyss! #4 Just off the top of my head, things like this could be done: -At the bottom of the economy, like local banks, etc. Temporarily rules can be laxed to allow for ingenuity finding simple solutions where the economy meets the populace. -To save money, instead of borrowing more from Japan, let's pull troops in from overseas where they are not really needed, places like Germany (Europe is united and has enough money and people to protect itself). Also read my post on how to get free of this bleeding war. -Allow for mergers, without hard examining it through the anti-trust laws. -Inform our creditor nations that we are running on hard times, and seek forbearance. Then, during the next 25-30 years withdrawal from world affairs while we work to get our own economic house in order and this national debt paid down. (those that have been blessed in America are going to have to take their medicine in taxes) -Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. Also, a line-item Veto right away. -Hands off and let the markets correct themselves. All these band aids aren't helping at all. People are going to want to make money and they will certainly figure the way how. The economy will rebound quicker than you know. -Government only needs to check that violence in Business does not occur. -Set up a government review of everything that takes place, so that when the dust settles, we can know what happened and new procedures that are in practice. -Create temporarily stern laws to protect civility at every level of our society during this transition, so that things run as normally as possible, such as banks opening and people able to get to their money & paychecks. After all our money is insured by the FDIC.