Wednesday, September 24, 2008


  • This ginormous going away gift Pres. Bush wants to give his high-powered friends in lieu of the Permanent Tax-Cuts (700Mill-1+Trill, last-minute, must approve now, without thinking about it, oh woe is us, bailout) which he knows he can't get under an Obama Administration-
  • This attempt at Guilt by Association, Pres. Bush wants to lay on the American People (he, through the unconstitutional war debt has set back already the economy for fifty plus years) by complicity with this horrendous Giveaway to the money market big-wigs-
  • This addition to the National Debt (which the super-wealthy friends of Pres. Bush & Much of the Republican Party including John McCain ignore as legitimate monies to be paid-back. They take but won't give back) would as their plan goes, put out of sight their responsibility to repay anything!-
  • This ultimate theft (approval of bailout plan Sep-Oct 2008) will without a doubt push the United States economically off the cliff finally. It will increase the national debt to such an extreme, there will be no coming back. The U.S will be a dog eat dog society. China, Japan, and all our creditors will rule over us.
  • The PEOPLE are NOW Exercising Discipline over It's Congress and Demanding this Thing be voted down and eliminated from the docket. Those that vote for this fiasco will be turned out of their offices.
  • The Free Market is a resilient Thing. It will rebound better without debt. There will always be those willing to extend credit legitimately to business' and citizens looking to improve their lives. God knows there needed to be a readjustment on our out of control personal & public debt spending!
  • This proposed bailout is like telling a child to quit pulling hair in order to get their candy treat; When the child continues to pull others hair, the candy is given anyway (to the little angel that can do no wrong in the eyes of that parent). These Business people that make bad loans are adults and knew the Consequences. Also, congress (as the parent) knew the consequences that were build into the original legislation! So There.